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  2. Classic White Shirt With a Difference

    So for a lot of us, a white shirt is a staple piece in our wardrobe, a basic necessity. But it can be a little bit dull on its own so why not spice it up? Shown above are examples of how to add a splash of colour to a simple shirt and have it make all the difference!

    Whichever colour your wearing with your white shirt continue it through your outfit with matching jewellery or a handbag. Really bring a modern twist to a minimalist piece.

  3. Favourite Statement Dress

    Okay lovelies, so I know that a short prom dress isn’t for everyone and I’ve always had my heart set on a floor length gown but for this beauty I’d make an exception! The black and white contrast especially around the hips slims and defines your shape. The white strip down the middle adds something unusual to the outfit and really shows a bold choice.

    Definitely my favourite of all the prom dresses I’ve seen! If only it were longer. Pair this with a bold red lip and pearls. Or pink lips and link heels if you’re really feeling outrageous.

  4. More Than a Little Black Dress If you want something as stylish and classic as your little black dress for prom then why not get statement little black dress? The colour is slimming, looks mysterious and with a touch of glitter or a splash of cream in the skirt you’ll definitely make an impact. Why not add a splash of colour too, with a bold red lip or a vibrant clutch bag with matching jewellery?

  5. Of course the dress is the most important part of prom, but lets not forget the details! A bad hairstyle can ruin an amazing outfit so choose carefully and follow these top tips: 1. Have a test-run a few weeks before prom to make sure you like the look you’ve chosen 2. Pick a hairstyle that suits you, if you don’t like your ears don’t have an updo that’ll make you uncomfortable. 3. Consider the rest of your outfit! Is all the detail on the shoulders of your dress or are you wearing a killer necklace? Then don’t cover these key elements of your look by having your hair down!

  6. Vintage Chic

    Stand out at your prom by wearing something chic and vintage. A touch of lace adds a classy feel and paired with pearls gives you a timeless look.



    Ok lovelies, since its the height of prom season get ready for some inspiration, from vintage to modern. Similar styles grouped together to make it easier for you to find the style for you. So enjoy and remember don’t just love the style, think outside the blog and make it your own!

  8. Love how a white shirt can be made to look so bright. The combination of red and green complimentary colours definitely work