Graduate Collection (2018)

L I N E   U P 

'THE PAST WAS ERASED, THE ERASURE WAS FORGOTTEN, THE LIE BECAME THE TRUTH'                                                                                                           

George Orwell '1984'

We’ve all felt it. An uncertainty, lack of trust in those in power, unsure of who to believe and with the stream of notifications, headlines and updates so constant we’ve become numb to their content- information overload.Political discontent and lack of faith in the government are commonplace, but the real interest lies in the events, catalysts within society that trigger a response in us and make us demand change. These are the over-arching themes of this collection, exploring the notion of ‘them and us’; the politicians, the decision makers, and those affected by their choices in a bid to convey the feelings of helplessness and confusion we experience every time we read the news.The aim of the collection is to capture a sense of confusion, with a neutral palette contrasted with hints of graphic prints and sharp bursts of colour exposed as the garments move. A further layer of disorientation for the viewer is delivered through use of augmented reality software meaning when the prints are viewed through a smartphone they animate, showing segments of news bulletins interspersed with static to create a noise of information, playing with the viewers sense of what is true and what is false. This collection focuses on the lack of transparency in politics, inspired by those protesting and demanding answers holding those in power accountable through the creation of wearable misinformation 

C O N C E P T    S T A T E M E N T


R U N W A Y 

Graduate Fashion Show 

The Savoy Tower, Glasgow (2018)

Photography: Daniel Tulloch

Har: Vidal Sassoon

MUA: The Academy of Make Upi